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Every picture tells a story

Every picture tells a story

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Every picture tells a story

Every picture tells a story

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Every picture tells a story

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The Birth of Mirth

My Little Feat Obsession

My Little Feat Obsession

The Baby Mirth was born on a stormy Monday in March. Mom didn't have a name picked out for her new daughter, so she chose one found in a magazine. Perhaps this is why I collect paper ephemera and am written about in several books? Is there a cosmic connection?


My Little Feat Obsession

My Little Feat Obsession

My Little Feat Obsession

On Sept 17, 1966 my world view changed completely when I experienced a Mothers of Invention FREAK OUT at the Shrine Hall and afterwards in the parking lot, met Lowell George. Lowell's band, the Factory, had played that night with a fill-in drummer. Richie Hayward responded to their ad in the LA Free Press: "Drummer wanted - must be freaky" and was told to come to the Shrine and decide. The rest is history because Richie became known as the legendary drummer of Little Feat.


Cartoon Consciousness

My Little Feat Obsession

Cartoon Consciousness

The life-long collaboration between Little Feat and their album cover artist Neon Park began with Sailing Shoes in 1972. I met Neon in 1977 at the San Diego Comics Convention while working for Last Gasp. Years later, Last Gasp co-published Somewhere Over The Rainbow - The Art of Neon Park, the only book of Neon's art that exists. See more Neon Park under the Little Feat tab in the Guided Tour.

Message in a Bottle

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Honorable Mentions

Blurbarian since 2008

I have several books on

Lynn in print, DVD & Internet


Rock and Roll Tourist by Graham Forbes   2009    Pg 207-208

"In San Francisco, (Ray from Texas) got to know Miss Lynn Hearne, one of the 'original' Feat devotees, who knows more about their early days than the band members."

Little Feat Boxset - Hotcakes & Outtakes   2000  Rhino Records

 Page 75  photo credits:

"Shag (Lynn Hearne) photo p. 4 top; from her collection: p.8 Factory, p.32 top Chicken Suit"


Pg 4     Lowell Sept 17, 1966 after the Freak Out at Shrine Auditorium the night we met

Pg 8     Factory promo photo from Gomer Pyle episode aired in 1967. Richie is playing drums in a top hat.

Pg 32     Chicken Suit - This is one of Sam Clayton's personal photos from the Dixie Chicken tour in 1973. Lowell George and Paul Barerre (in mask)

Willin' - The Story of Little Feat by Ben Fong-Torres   2013

Index:  Hearne, Lynn

pg 25-26     "After (Lynn and her friends) gathered autographs from the departing members of the Count Five, they stayed by the backstage door until a security guard took pity on them and let them in just in time to see the Mothers.

  That was fine by Lynn, who had no idea she was about to become Lowell George's and, a bit later, Little Feat's first major fan. (She would also become known, in Feat circles, as Shag and, later, as Shaglyn)."

pg 30     "(Lynn) was celebrating her 15th birthday and got her sister to drive her over (to Lowell's). 'Lowell said to come on over so we did and they gave me a 45 (Smile Let Your Life Begin / When I Was A Apple), and I got signatures of 3 of the 4 guys in the Factory, and I met Richie Hayward on my 15th birthday'."

pg 180     "In San Francisco the mourners for Lowell George included Lynn Hearne. (...) She was at work at the office of Rip Off Press, the hip comic book publisher in SF, when her boyfriend called with the news. 'I went home, cried my eyes out, and later on, I went to KSAN'.  (...) She knew Tony Kilbert would be on the air (...) he said 'I knew you were coming. I knew I'd see you tonight'. 'He put on a long cut, threw his arms around me, and held me'. 'What do you want to hear? TK asked. 'Some Howlin' Wolf - for Lowell'."

pg 202     'As the news spread in 1987 about Little Feat's return, the response was predictably mixed. (...) But others flocked to the band's side. Lynn Hearne, who, as Shag, was so devoted to George, the Factory, and Little Feat through it's various changes, was there. 'My fervor for Feat music did not die with Lowell, instead it has gained momentum and maturity'.

pg 214     "Longtime Feats follower Lynn Hearne said, 'the first time I heard Shaun Murphy sing On Your Way Down, I had goose bumps on my goose bumps. Tears welled - I was completely taken by Feat's new vocalist'."

Out of 16 photos in Willin', 6 are from my collection:

The Factory on Gomer Pyle 1967  (Martin Kibbee, Lowell George, Richie Hayward & Warren Klein)

Early publicity shot from Warner Brothers 1970 (Richie Hayward, Bill Payne, Roy Estrada & Lowell George)

Dixie Chicken tour 1973 - from Sam Clayton's personal collection

Warner Brothers promotional photo 1975

Craig Fuller 1993(?) - my front row photo taken at an all acoustic show, Konocti Harbor Resort, Clearlake CA

Myself with Bill Payne backstage at the Maritime Hall, SF  1998 - photo by TJ Marietta

Last Girl Standing by Trina Robbins   2017

Mystery woman mention Pg 171:

"After that first night I was careful, treading on eggshells. I really, really liked Steve (Leialoha) and found it very romantic that he was half-Hawaiian. But I knew he was having a relationship with another woman, a mutual friend in the comix scene, and I didn't want to pounce, didn't want to scare him away. So, I played it cool."

Note to my long-time dear friend Steve - you made the right choice!

Artcrime - the Montage Art of Winston Smith  Vol 2  1998 - Last Gasp

Among many friends in the list of acknowledgements of people "who helped or influenced" Winston, the name Shag can be found near the end, somewhere after "(you're still reading this??)".

Thank you, Winston, I am truly flattered!

HONORABLE MENTIONS (visually speaking) on DVD:

FEATS FIRST - The Life and Music of Lowell George   2015 (Chrome Dreams Media 2014)

Uncredited use of my photo of Lowell taken the night we met with my Instamatic camera. 

I am clearly visible in the audience of these three live music DVDs:


DAN HICKS & THE HOT LICKS featuring an all-star cast of friends  2001 (Warfield Theater, San Francisco CA)

RICHARD THOMPSON 1000 YEARS OF POPULAR MUSIC  2006 (Bimbo's 365 Club, San Francisco CA)